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    Have you ever had the dream of owning a single-family home within walking distance of a warm, tropical beach?  There is only one city on the island known as Miami Beach which allows you to do this, and that town is Surfside.

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    Surfside is a beautiful city that has been long considered part of Miami Beach.  However,  Surfside is its own municipality, with its own mayor and police force.
    You can walk into City Hall and talk with the town’s officials, thus lending a small town feel to Surfside.
    Driving north on the famous tropical palm tree-lined boulevard, Collins Avenue, you have the aqua green Atlantic Ocean on your left with famous hotels and condominium towers, and the Intracoastal on your left.  When you reach 88th Street, you have now entered the city of Surfside. The boundaries of Surfside are 88th Street north to 96th Street  (where high-end Bal Harbour shopping mall starts),  and Collins Avenue west to Bay Drive.  Along Collins Avenue on the ocean are condominiums and glitzy hotels.

    About the Homes in Surfside Miami

    However, unlike Miami Beach,  Surfside has strict height restrictions and you can not build homes higher than 12 stories.   This prevents shadows from covering the beach.

    Singe-Family Homes

    West of Collins Avenue,  there are 1100 single family homes, all of which are no more than 6 blocks from the ocean.   Surfside also has its own downtown with many shops, restaurants, and a new Publix supermarket.
    The area was developed in the 1930’s, with most of the homes in Surfside built in the 1950’s.  The streets going west of Collins are named in alphabetical order.  Going west to the Intracoastal Waterway,  the streets are named:
    •  A- for Abbott,
    •  B- for Byron,
    • C-for Carlyle,
    • D-for Dickens,
    • E-for Emerson,
    •  F-for Fraude,
    •  G-for Garland,
    and then there’s Bay Drive, which runs along the Bay.  Also, each of the streets has been named after poets!

    ” Believe it or not, most people in Miami have never realized this, including people living in Surfside “

    Surfside was originally designed as a winter vacation getaway for wealthy northerners who wanted to spend the winters in Miami’s warm, tropical weather.  The homes tend to be smaller, running from 1200-1800 sf.   Surfside properties are also on lots that are 5600 sf – 6,200 sf (corner lots).   The developers felt that the homes in Surfside should have smaller, easy to maintain yards because a beautiful beach club on the ocean for all of the homeowners to enjoy had been built.  On 93rd Street and Collins is the Surfside oceanfront pool club, which is totally free for all homeowners in Surfside.
    This pool club was demolished and rebuilt about 5 years ago.  It is stunning, very popular, and it is the way that many Surfside families meet each other.  It remains the only beach club left on all of Miami Beach and is exclusive for Surfside homeowners only.

    Things to do in Surfside

    Besides the pool club,  other amenities include a tot lot, which is a safe, gated park for families with children up to age 6.  There are many toddler birthday parties in this tot lot, and it is another place for Surfside families to meet each other. Surfside also has a doggy park, which is also very popular. Surfside even has a tennis center where you can play tennis or take lessons.
    Another big plus for living in Surfside is that you are in the school district that is considered the finest elementary school on Miami Beach.
    Surfside is also known for many houses of worship, which you can walk to from anywhere you live in Surfside, including synagogues and churches.

    Surfside Homes for Sale

    Homes in Surfside range from $500K – $800K, with waterfront homes selling from $1.5 – $3 million.  Condominiums on the ocean range from $300K – $1.2 million, with new construction condominiums selling up to $8 million.
    So, if you are looking for a home in a city where you can walk to the beach, walk to your free exclusive beach/pool club, walk to shops and restaurants, walk to tennis courts, have great schools, a tot lot, a dog park, and walk to houses of worship,  Surfside is your town.
    Plus, you are 15 minutes from South Beach, 2 minutes to Bal Harbour shopping mall, 30 minutes to the airport, and 15 minutes to Aventura and the Aventura shopping mall.

    Surfside Real Estate Listings

    Out of 1,100 single family homes, there are usually 40 homes for sale in Surfside at any one time.  Consequently, there is a home for every buyer’s taste.  If you prefer condominium living,  there are dozens of oceanfront buildings with amazing views and a condo for every budget.

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